All-in art service for offices: Ghent | Antwerp | Brussels


 Our Concept:

 Your advantages:

  •  All-in service: we take care of everything: selection, installation , transport, insurance, changes.
  • Changing series of high quality art pieces.
    Check out our formulas.
  • Your very personal Art Consultant guarantees a service, completely in line of your company’s image and values.
  • Fiscally more interesting than buying art
  • No worries, loss of time, everything will be organized by our all-inclusive service.
  • A sparkling working space with prestige towards employees and clients.
  • 1/5th of the subscription’s value can be spend to your favorite piece of art.
  • We only chose quality, at the best price.
  • Whole year long, changing artists. This will create a dynamic, changing sphere.
  • It has been proven that Art will increase efficiency

Please contact us, for an appointment without any obligation   :
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